February 23, 2020
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CII Speech

'A Visionary Partnership'

'I lost it', 'Rani ki Jhansi'... but the Congress VP was not just flubbing it. He said India is no longer an elephant, but a buzzing beehive, that questions about when he'd become PM or when he'd get married are irrelevant and 'all smoke'

'A Visionary Partnership'
'A Visionary Partnership'

The full text of the address by the Congress vice-president to top industrialists at a gathering of the CII at the CII Annual General Meeting and National Conference, 2013


RahulGandhi CII Speech by OutlookMagazine

This is just the transcript of the prepared speech that he read out from

Between 18:18 and 18:25 is when he can't find the bit he wants from his speech and says, "I have lost it".

And then the reference to Rani Ki Jhansi moment:

Girish the painter, or Girish the carpenter?

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