August 10, 2020
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'A Total Failure In Conducting Diplomacy'

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'A Total Failure In Conducting Diplomacy'

While initiating the discussion, Shri Mulayam Singhji made a very significant remark when he said that whereas we have been winning the wars on the ground, we have proved to be a total failure in conducting diplomacy. Our borders have been shrinking after every successive war. I congratulate him for he did not at least politicise this issue.

Madhavraoji was referring to the Shimla Agreement as the benchmark of our relations with Pakistan. All our problems raised their ugly heads after the Shimla Agreement of 1971. In 1971, Pakistan was a vanquished country and we had separated Bangladesh from it. We had 93,000 POWs. It was under such circumstances that Shri Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was invited for an agreement. What preparation was made at that time? No talks were held on the issue of Kashmir at that time.

Prior to that there was Tashkent Agreement. It was in this agreement that Pakistan was able to retrieve the Haji Peer Pass, a very vital link used by it now for exporting terrorism to our country.

One can say that India will not get another golden opportunities like that for the settlement of Jammu and Kashmir. There is much talk about preparation now. What preparation was made at that time? We surrendered 93,000 POWs but could not get our 54 POWs in return. Was this what preparation was made at that time? Was any homework done for retrieving one-third of Kashmir illegally occupied by Pakistan so as to finally settle the dispute with them?

Was it not possible for us to ask Pakistan to withdraw the Security Council Resolution, stop cross-border infiltration and check once for all the recurrence of tribal assault? If the heads of Government negotiating these agreements could have mustered enough courage to make Pakistan yield on these issues, India would not have been confronting even a single problem like these today.

Just now, Shri Mani Shankar Aiyarji handed over a chit asking as to what for had the Government of India invited Musharraf for Summit level talks? Was he invited to send him back empty handed? Shri Julfikar Ali Bhutto was not returned empty handed but within a year, he was removed from office and killed and this was not an incident of its first kind.

It is very important to muster enough courage to sign a draft declaration only when it fulfills the national interests in a manner best suited to national aspirations. To my mind, there is no ambiguity in the opinion of the House about our national aspirations and interests. It is for the first time when the issue of retrieving one-third of the illegally occupied Kashmir was emphatically raised.

Shri Atalji said that whereas we cannot change geography, we should try to change history. Shri Parvez Musharraf announced here that the Hurriyat Conference represented the people of Kashmir but everybody knows as to whom they represent. It is very clear in our minds whether Hurriyat represents Pakistan or not.

It was for the first time that the UN Secretary General candidly declared that the UN Resolution in Kashmir was redundant now. Our diplomacy should be guided by the situation on the ground and diplomacy could not be succeed unless you are able to eradicate cross-border terrorism. It is very unfortunate that whereas our security forces have been winning the wars on the grounds, we are not able to meet the parameters of diplomacy on a negotiating table.

Many transformations have been taking place under the BJP rule and under the able leadership of our hon. Prime Minister. I hope and believe that this trend will also change.

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