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Niira Radia Tapes

#116 Rakesh Hari Pathak, Economic Bureau Chief, PTI: Jul 07, 2009 18:51:51

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#116 Rakesh Hari Pathak, Economic Bureau Chief, PTI: Jul 07, 2009 18:51:51

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Rakesh: ah, hello

Niira: haan Rakesh

Rakesh: (sorry?) got disconnected. Achhaa, quickly just tell me one thing

Nira: mmmhhm

Rakesh: Why is that aa -ya you- you made the petition there in Supreme Court and

Nira: mm

Rakesh: you made government as an intervener, am I right?

Nira: No, they are respondent not intervener.

Rakesh: Respondent?

Nira (simultaneously): Rakesh? haan

Rakesh: But.. but that is what I wanted to check up because the other side has been repeatedly saying ki boss the government has not been given a notice or anything.

Nira: No government has been given notice. I don’t know what they are talking about

Rakesh: No. we we we wrote a we wrote a story...

Nira: In fact yours was a very good flash ek dum theek hai. they asked. they’ve been given notice. That’s very clear

Rakesh: So which is why i was a bit confused ki what – matlab itna jhagda kya hogaya isme. If they’re respondents why why the other side should be so uncomfortable on it?

Nira: unko nahin achha lagta hain na ki government ko aana chahiye. kya karein hum log abhi? unko tension apna hota hai.. I mean what’s that guy – Mahesh Agarwal came out and told CNBC

Rakesh: haan

Niira: ki usko poochha gaya ki tum log kya kar rahe ho gas ke saath, to kehta hai hum vohi karenga hai jo Anil Ambani ka -uh i mean Mukesh Ambani kar rahaa hai. Hum bechenge gas. usne bola you don’t have to trade.

(Rakesh interrupts and talks in parallel – unclear what he’s saying): Even i heard that..

Nira: He said it’s not called trading, it’s called selling. I mean, come on, I mean he thinks the world is a nn.. stupid or what?

Rakesh: That’s when one of uhh one of this Soni [or Tony?] Singhania rang me up. kehta hai notice nahin kiya. I checked up again. So I was still under confusion ki what is the position on that. That’s the reason I ring – I was ringing

Nira: Nahin, government ko notice gaya hai aur

Rakesh: No my my my my legal team guys— they say ki it is a intervener not as a respondent. Earlier you wanted a respondent but registry said government cannot be made respondent so you’ll have to redo the option

Nira: nahin aisa kuchh. Pehle bola na yeh teen din se pehle yeh log yehi baath kar rahein hain ki government should be- in that registrar ne roka.. aapko bhi pata hai ki registrar kabhi rokta nahin hai

Rakesh: Nahin wo nahin rokega

Nira: Kyun Sasan [?] ke matter mein bhi...

Rakesh: haan

Nira: inhone yehi saaz chalaaya tha last time bhi ki government cannot be a uh respondent registrar ne aisa bola

Rakesh: haan haan

Nira: haan to registrar to har cheez inke kehne par nahin karega na?

Rakesh: nahin registrar they cant they cant buy the (sound of horn)

Nira: It’s not up to the registrar no? It’s up to the court to decide whether you want uh what I mean and it’s up to the government to decide that. humne to respondent likhh ke bhej diya.

Rakesh: aur… aur uske

Nira: All sides have been issued notice

Rakesh: nahin nahin but my my my my team members are still saying the high court team the supreme court team – we have a strong team in there — they said still is still intervener not as a – and that's what we had given that's the reason i just wanted to recheck with you.

Nira: But you had given what – intervener ki respondent?

Rakesh: Shuru mein to hum logon ne notice diya -we we kept quiet on that ki government was issued the notice. not now about some time back supreme court we have a person called Indu Bhan

Nira: mm

Rakesh: She covers Supreme Court for us

Nira: mm

Rakesh: Uh the corporate side and she she she gave a story it is an intervener so and in the meanwhile one of the Tony's [Or Soni's] teams [?] told me ki woh government ko notice nahin mila. to maine kahaa ki yeh kya majak ho gaya

Nira: mm government ko notice gaya

Rakesh: uh to notice gaya tha but just wanted to just confirm that

Nira: mm nahin it’s gone it’s gone

Rakesh: aur kya haal baki -how how’s your health?

Nira(parallely): nahin sab theek

Nira: I’m fine very fine. touch wood.

Rakesh: soo

Nira: how are you? How’s your health?

Rakesh: main bilkul theek thak hoon. And I’m going to fall sick in case you don’t meet me now

Nira: Chal I’ll meet you Thursday. Aap dekhlijiye 6 o’clock I can come across

Rakesh: Haan toh i’ll just i’ll ring you up in an hour’s time? Is it okay?

Nira: sure sure

Rakesh: I’ll confirm

ends abruptly

Transcribed by Arundhati Muthu

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