July 26, 2021
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Radia with Yatish

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Radia talks to employee Yatish. She tells him to prepare the questions for Vir (Sanghvi) of HT since he has agreed to ask whatever questions they suggest. She says that Vir is starting a new series of interviews and he wants to start with Mukesh Ambani or Ratan Tata. She asks Yatish to mobilise all resources to draw up the questions.

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Radia is talking to Yatish, a colleague, about a meeting with A. Raja. She also discusses how Vir Sanghvi has agreed to do a series of interviews and take questions framed by her. Additionally, she has a complaint against Bodhisattva Ganguli, resident editor, Economic Times, Mumbai. Edited excerpts of the transcript:

Niira Radia: Hello, yes?

Y: Ma’am, Yatish here.

NR: Kya hua woh conference call ka?

Y: Ma’am...Raja has still not confirmed.

NR: Aaj mera Raja (meeting) hai. I am running from pillar to post today.

Y: Mere ko pata hai. Maine morning mein bhi message dala tha. Toh his thing was that we still have to check.

NR: I am right now rushing between a few things. Tell him to confirm. Main aa jaoongi, chaar-paanch baje tak office. If I can finish early enough with Kani (Kanimozhi) and I can come as quickly as I can.

Y: Okay.

NR: Tum ek kaam karna. I am on my way to Gurgaon from South Avenue. I will reach, er, back at CP, probably 4.30. Now do me one favour. Take out the printout (of the budget). Also take out the creditors’ list...complete...previous creditors, right? Manoj Warrier se baat kara lo. Tell him, Vir Sanghvi ka interview CNN-IBN, CNBC...he wants to interview Mukesh Ambani. So, Manoj needs to send me a mail and also needs to prepare the questions Vir Sanghvi should ask Mukesh. He’s agreed to do what we suggest. It’s a fresh series of interviews for the next few weeks but he wants to start with Mukesh Ambani or Ratan Tata. Ek mail bhej do, meri mail se, Debashish ko, Ravi Kant ko and Jonathan and Vishal, to say that I had a call with Bodhisattva Ganguli from ET (Economic Times), he is the resident editor (in Mumbai). He had called me for something else. He sounded very disturbed that RBI should have allowed this (a bank guarantee) and was questioning the behind-the-scene effort that would have gone on for Tata to achieve this through SBI. I smell a serious agenda here. Right? We already know that Bodhi is very well-entrenched with another (Anil Ambani) group. I am just alerting you. It matters with us. We must take notice of this. He was almost sounding angry with both SBI and RBI for having even allowed this.

Y: For allowing this bank guarantee to go through?

NR: Yeah. I smell a very serious agenda with ET, Bombay. I am just flagging this off now because it’s important. He was almost crying on the phone...I questioned his intentions on this, and said to him...“you should be happy that corporates are being supported”. He didn’t have an answer to it.

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