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Public Stories, Private Censorship

Apr 14, 2014 Gautam Bhatia (Lawyer)

Free speech liberals should accept Navyana’s legal right to not publish Joe D’Cruz’s book, but nonetheless condemn its actions with the same vigour as they protested Penguin's decision regarding Doniger's book

The Master’s Voice

Apr 10, 2014 Suhag A. Shukla

Hindu and Hindutva are easily conflated, particularly since a rising Narendra Modi in India’s political discourse has raised the ire of those ideologically averse

A Clash Of Discourses 

Wendy Doniger's supporters and detractors have set up the discussion so far as a clash between Hindutva and a secular viewpoints. The book's ideas and approach have been all but lost. 

A Disturbing Story

Mar 05, 2014 Jakob De Roover

Zealots shout ‘offence’ at every sentence they dislike while self-declared progressive intellectuals throw about epithets like ‘Hindutva apologist’ and ‘Hindu fascist’ to anyone who dares challenge the currently dominant story about Hinduism and the

'A Conspiracy Hatched By The Children Of Marx And Macaulay'

Now Shiksha Bachao Andolan Samiti (SBAS) targets Wendy Doniger's On Hinduism, listing limericks, doggerel and even statements about ' the Sangh’s complacency' with British rule as "objectionable passages"

28 February, 2014

A Slanging Match

Vikas Rathee

Important questions brought up by l'affaire Doniger remain unanswered

28 February, 2014

No Alternative

Sufiya Pathan

A response to Nivedita Menon. L'affaire Doniger is not about ‘free speech’ but about going beyond the colonial ‘scholarly’ tradition.

24 February, 2014

The Embarrassed Modern Hindu

Nivedita Menon

Jakob De Roover’s empathetic account of the imagined ‘Hindu boy with intellectual inclinations’ born in the 1950s needs to be read with another imagined growing child: the

18 February, 2014

Untangling The Knot

Jakob De Roover

The many strands entangled in l' affaire Doniger involve issues that are too important to be left to the predictable and somewhat stale rhetoric about Hindutva fanatics or lamenting the role of the Indian government and judiciary

17 February, 2014

Untold Stories

Gautam Bhatia (Lawyer)

If there was ever a time for the judiciary to redeem itself and to end the ambiguity about free speech, the time is now, when press freedoms stand at a critical crossroads.

14 February, 2014

'An Anti-Hindu Mindset'

Monika Arora

A 'lynch mob, and intolerant pseudo-secularists, in the name of freedom of expression, are crying from rooftops and demanding freedom of defamation....The withdrawal of this book is an outcome of a valid, legal battle'

14 February, 2014

'Protect Freedom Of Expression'

Ananya Vajpeyi

'Petitioning Members of both houses of the Indian Parliament to reconsider and revise Sections 153 (A) and 295 (A) of the Indian Penal Code'

14 February, 2014

'The Penguin Is Mutating Into A Chicken'

Delhi-based bibliophiles send a legal notice to Penguin, charging it with " extra judicial killing of books and authors", demanding that it either recommence publication of The Hindus or surrender its copyright to the Indian public.

14 February, 2014

The Penguin Statement

Penguin Books India

'A publishing company has the same obligation as any other organisation to respect the laws of the land in which it operates, however intolerant and restrictive those laws may be'

13 February, 2014

'Tell Us, Please, What Is It That Scared You So?'

Arundhati Roy

'Even though there was no fatwa, no ban, not even a court order, you have not only caved in, you have humiliated yourself abjectly before a fly-by-night outfit by signing settlement.'

12 February, 2014

The ‘Pulping’ Of Thought

Arshad Alam

That Penguin has decided to pulp Wendy Doniger's The Hindus should come as no surprise...

12 February, 2014

'Concern And Disappointment'

Statement by National Book Critics Circle on Wendy Doniger’s The Hindus

11 February, 2014

'I Do Not Blame Penguin Books, India'

Wendy Doniger

'Penguin, India, took this book on knowing that it would stir anger in the Hindutva ranks, and they defended it in the courts for four years, both as a civil and as a criminal suit'

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