Haven’t Paid Fees? Can’t Attend Classes, Say Rajasthan Private Schools

Nearly 70% students barred from classrooms for non-payment of fees

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As online classes of more than 50,000 private schools across the Rajasthan resumed on Monday, parents said around 70 per cent students were barred from attending the classes for non-payment of fees.

“Schools have removed students from online classes and groups due to non-payment of fees. Most of the students were unable to attend the classes.
According to government rules, parents had to pay 60 per cent of the school fees in instalments. But it is unacceptable to us. Most of us are going through hard times and unable to pay the hefty amount. We are waiting for the Rajasthan High Court’s orders as the case is sub judice,” said Arvind Agarwal, president of Sanyukt Abhibhavak Sangh, a parents’ association.

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On October 28, the Rajasthan government, on directions of Rajasthan High Court, had issued an order saying students will be charged only capacity-building fees (60 per cent of tuition fees). This will be an interim fee which could be changed depending on the final decision of the high court.

The parents’ association has also handed over a memorandum to the district collector addressed to the governor, demanding that they pay 25 per cent of the school fees.


“The fee quoted by schools is non-negotiable. We have listed 14 demands in the memorandum, including improving quality of education as well as appointment of a supervisor to monitor the classes,” Abhishek Jain, spokesperson for the parents’ association told Outlook.

“We seek government intervention in the issue because the schools have not abided by the court orders which clearly told the state government to form rules regarding the fees structure. We will stage a protest in a couple of days and register our grievances.”


Fees payment mandatory for attending classes

On the other hand, a forum of private schools from 33 districts of Rajasthan has said that it will allow only those students to attend classes who have paid their tuition fees. “We have resumed classes only on condition that parents clear tuition fees. We call it part fees, which mean that parents can submit the fees in two or three instalments. But the schools will abide by the decision of the high court. Nearly 10 lakh teaching and non-teaching employees of private schools have not been paid after the outbreak of the pandemic,” Anil Sharma, president, School Shiksha Pariwar Sanstha, Rajasthan, told Outlook.


Rajasthan education minister Govind Singh Dotasara told Outlook, "In the meeting with the school association, it was decided that schools will resume online classes and fees will be submitted till the further orders are received from Rajasthan High Court.”