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Afghanistan: Pain, Fear & Panic Amongst Afghans, Says Ex-Afghan Official, As Taliban Takes Full Charge

Afghanistan: Pain, Fear & Panic Amongst Afghans, Says Ex-Afghan Official, As Taliban Takes Full Charge

06 September, 2021

Mid-August, Afghanistan began afresh a violent new chapter with the return of the Taliban. Thousands of Afghans have now fled their country fearing for their lives, reprisals and revenge attacks even as the Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, offered amnesty to Afghans, including government...

INTERVIEW | As Kabul Fell: What Is Could Mean For The Afghans With The Resurgence Of Talibani Forces

23 August, 2021

Hewat Sadat, not his real name, worked as a translator for a foreign organization and is one of those Afghans high on the Taliban’s murderous list. He is no...

A discussion on Living Planet Report 2020 with Dr Sejal Worah, WWF India

We are destroying #nature. It is being lost at an alarming rate due to #human activities. We must urgently fix our broken relationship with nature. This...

Donald Trump Evades Question About Lies

14 August, 2020

A reporter asked US President Donald Trump if he regrets, at all, the lies he has told to the Americans in three-and-a-half-years. The US President ignored the...

Beirut Blasts Video That Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

More than 70 people were dead and nearly 3,000 injured in the explosion, which sent shockwaves across the bustling city of Beirut, bursting out windows and...

04 August, 2020

Massive Explosion Shakes Lebanon's Capital Beirut, Several Injured

A massive explosion shook Lebanon's capital Beirut on Tuesday wounding a number people and causing widespread damage

28 July, 2020

Covid Clinic- Episode 12 | Frontrunners In The Race For Coronavirus Vaccine

In this episode of Covid Clinic, Dr Indranill Basu Ray talks about coronavirus vaccine frontrunners— Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine, National Institute of Health/Moderna Vaccine, and SinoVac. If you...

21 July, 2020

Covid Clinic – Episode 11 | Most Children Have Only Mild Covid-19 Symptoms

In this episode of Covid Clinic, Dr Indranill Basu Ray explains the likely reasons for mild symptoms of Covid-19 in babies and children. If you have any covid-related questions, write to us...

13 June, 2020

Covid Clinic – Ep 8 | Hydroxychloroquine Should Only Be Given Under Doctor’s Supervision

In episode 8 of Covid Clinic, Dr Indranill Basu Ray explains why doubts are being raised on use of anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus antidote. And why you must not take it unless...

18 May, 2020

Covid Clinic Episode 5 | Kawasaki-like Disease Outbreak in Kids, And Tocilizumab Drug

In this episode of Covid Clinic, Dr Indranill Basu Ray talks about children in New York being affected by kawasaki-like disease, and Tocilizumab Drug trials. If you have any covid-related questions,...

08 May, 2020

Covid Clinic – Episode 4 | Why The Novel Coronavirus Is Highly Infectious 

In episode 4 of Covid Clinic, renowned cardiologist Dr Indranill Basu Ray explains why the novel coronavirus is so infectious, how the copies of the virus multiply, and how it can damage multiple...

03 May, 2020

Covid Clinic – Episode 3 | Dr Indranill Basu Ray On Use Of Anti-viral Drug Remdesivir

In episode 3 of Covid Clinic, Dr Indranill Basu Ray talks about use of anti-viral drug Remdesivir. US regulators have allowed the emergency use of Remdesivir, which appears to help some coronavirus...

24 January, 2020

China’s Coronavirus Death Toll Rises

Chinese health authorities have said that 830 confirmed cases of pneumonia caused by 2019-nCoV had been reported in 29 provincial-level regions till Friday and 1,072 suspected cases reported in 20...

13 January, 2020

Lava Gushes Out Of Taal Volcano In Philippines, 286 Flights Cancelled

A weak lava fountain accompanied by thunder and flashes of lighting erupted from the active Taal Volcano on Jan13.This signifies that lava has reached the surface of the volcano. Taal is the second...

09 January, 2020

Outlook Explains | How Gen Soleimani's Killing Brought US To Doorstep Of War With Iran

Iran's retaliatory ballistic missile attack, following the US strike that killed Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the leader of its elite Quds Force, brought the two countries to their most serious...

08 January, 2020

Iran Fires Missiles On US' Airbase In Iraq

Iran on Wednesday launched multiple rockets at US' Al Asad airbase in Iraq, days after Washington assassinated Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

04 January, 2020

US Urges Its Citizens To 'Depart Iraq Immediately' After Soleimani Killing

"US citizens should depart via airline while possible, and failing that, to other countries via land," the embassy said in a statement.

04 January, 2020

Angry Mob Stage Protest Outside Nankana Sahib Gurdwara In Pakistan's Punjab

A group of people, led by the family of a Muslim man who married a Sikh teenager, held a day-long sit-in outside Gurdwara Janamesthan Nanakana Sahib near Lahore on Friday to protest the arrest of...

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People attends a Global Climate Strike demonstration during the international strike day of Fridays For Future, in Geneva, Switzerland. Global Climate Strike demonstrations are held to demand action from world leaders...


Vice President Kamala Harris waves on arrival at Westchester County Airport, in White Plains, N.Y., en route to the Bronx borough of New York.


Caio Souza, of Brazil, competes on the floor exercise during the men's all-around finals in the FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Kitakyushu, western Japan.


Barbecue, the leader of the "G9 and Family" gang, stands next to garbage to call attention to the conditions people live in as he leads a march against kidnapping through La Saline neighborhood in Port-au-Prince, Haiti....

AP Photo/Joseph Odelyn

A general view of the Al Thumama Stadium is seen during official inauguration ceremony in Doha, Qatar. The stadium will be one of the venueas for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

AP Photo/Hussein Sayed

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