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Meghalaya’s caves hold the earth’s history, from the dinosaurs to a major drought 4,000 years ago

Meghalaya is home to some of the most fascinating caves in the world, rich in flora and fauna, geological and archaeological treasures. The recently-announced geological age, Meghalayan, has its genesis in a stalagmite from one such cave, Krem Mawmluh. A geological age represents a time when the earth went through significant changes, and when scientists analysed the stalagmite from the Krem Mawmluh cave they found a time period 4,200 years ago of heavy drought which hurt civilizations in the Indus Valley, Greece, and Mesopotamia. In Krem Puri, the world’s longest sandstone cave, scientists have discovered fossils of dinosaurs, including the giant aquatic reptile Mosasaurus that lived 66-76 million years ago. 1,700 caves have been discovered in Meghalaya so far, and scientists are getting a glimpse into our past the more they explore them.
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