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Bali: The Betrayal Between Two Brothers

At Chennai’s Museum Theatre during the Hindu Theatre Festival 2018, the Adishakti group, started by the late Veenapani Chawla near Auroville, enacted the story of Bali. According to the Valmiki’s Ramayana, it was during the rainy season that Ram and Lakshman, seeking allies in their mission to rescue Sita, reached Kishkindha—better known today for the scattered ruins of Hampi. A rock-strewn landscape in the Karnataka stretch of the Western Ghats. And the two exiled princes from mythical Ayodhya found themselves drawn into the uneasy alliance between the two brothers Bali and Sugreeva. They eventually break out into a fight in a hill cave, where Sugreeva greedily seized the moment. He took over Bali’s kingdom and his wife Tara, who had risen from gem strewn waters during the churning of the mythical Ocean of Milk.
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