Cow Politics vital to Lok Sabha Elections 2019?

The cow has emerged as an important player in India’s politics In fact, the original symbol of the Congress party, from the first elections in 1952 till it split in 1969, was of a pair of oxen with a plough.The faction led by Indira Gandhi was then allotted a new symbol -- of a cow suckling its calf. In 2015, India got its first dedicated ‘cow minister’ in Otaram Dewasi when the then BJP government in Rajasthan set up a Gaupalan department exclusively for the protection of cows. Cow politics took an ugly turn, when in May 2017, a group of Kerala youth Congress workers slaughtered a calf in public and distributed its cooked meat in front of the BJP office in Ernakulam. They were protesting the BJP central government’s decision to ban sale/ purchase of cattle for slaughter. In another unsavory turn, Kerala became the butt of some social media hate message after it suffered the worst-ever floods last year, with comments like ‘God punished you for eating beef”!
18 March 2019