After Dutee Chand's admission of same-sex relationship, sister says she was pressurised, blackmailed

Recently, athlete Dutee Chand revealed that sheís in a same-sex relationship and will soon tie a knot with the girl. She became the first openly gay athlete in the socially conservative country to come up with her true self. After revelation, some supported her choice while others opposed it. Dutee's sister Saraswati Chand also reacted to the revelation and called it a conspiracy. While speaking to ANI, Saraswati said, ìI am saying it with grief because whatever the decision she has taken was not by her choice. She is being pressurised and is emotionally blackmailed by that girl and her family. They made Dutee a pawn and want to arrogate her property and money. It is their conspiracy and thatís why we request the government to provide full security to Dutee as her life and property are in danger
20 May 2019