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‘Otherworldly’ might be a pretty accurate definition of the Rann of Kutch. Raw, ethereal saltpans that stretch as far as your eyes can see are home to numerous wild inhabitants. Additionally, what adds a splash of colour to the white crackling carpet, is hamlets of indigenous tribes. The Rann comes alive in the winters with the annual Rann Utsav, and is best timed with the full moon night when the Rann looks splendid in the white light. This festival is a brilliant showcase of the region’s culture with tasteful displays of music, dances, cuisines and crafts. Sounds like the perfect backdrop for a trip in a Maruti Suzuki Alto with a group of friends, doesn’t it?

pit stops






Kukma and Bhujodi for craft

Kalo Dungar

Rann Utsav

Craft markets


Day 1:

We hit the road from Ahmedabad to Bhuj, a long stretch that offers great pit stops and views of the countryside. Our two stops, Kukma and Bhujodi, are a great showcase of the handicrafts of Bhuj. At Kukma, we explore the world of local rug-weavers of the village. Bhujodi is well known as a weaving destination. Be ready for a burst of colour on Day 1 of your travel.

Day 2:

Another craft hub, the Nirona village, is where we are headed on this day. The village is famous for the Rogan art and lacquer work done by the Vadha community. The famous Kutchi embroidery is the biggest draw here. We can sit with the artisan families at the Hodka village and take our time to absorb the techniques. A visit here will give you a better understanding of why craft is the soul of Bhuj.
Later we wend our way to Dhordo, the gateway to Rann of Kutch festival. Expect high-octane festivities at the venue including a number of experiences like local art forms, a trip inside the Rann to see it in full moon light, and the local cuisine.

Day 3:

We start the day, off the ground, and into the air. Paragliding above the Rann is an experience of a lifetime. Adrenaline apart, it is an enigmatic scene of campsites and people in the vast white Rann. Later, we drive to Ludiya village, which is well known for the best bhungas (domed huts) in the state and their embroidery prowess.

Day 4:

After breakfast, we get on the roads and head back to Ahmedabad.

* Detailed itineraries will be shared closer to the trip date.

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