It is a paragliding paradise, but I was looking for the nature’s beauty and that’s exactly what I got.

It’s a place with nature unlimited; if you are looking for peace then this is the place for it. At the foot of the Himalayas, where the greenery meets the horizon, the flowers pour their love on you and the birds deafen you with their chatter. And if all this does not satisfy you, then I am sure the tiny streams will sweep you away to happiness. It is amazing how the nature’s most powerful structure the immovable, imperishable mountains give the feeling of peace, protection, stability and carry the nature’s beauty on its shoulders.

The journey to the destination was also a good experience. The ticketing process was hassle free, easy steps through the Himachal Road Transport Corporation’s website. The boarding was from Kashmere Gate terminal and I was so impressed to see it clean (it was a different scene 10 years ago!), with well tiled flooring, air conditioned waiting area and escalators to cross over. The bus journey was good till you enter Himachal and then whether or not you have motion sickness; the people around you will make you feel it. So, mint is a must. People in Himachal are very welcoming, polite and concerned; they don’t pounce on you because you are a traveler.

Here comes the day for paragliding. Oh my god, I had elephants in my tummy, my hands and feet cold, and heart missing a beat! I am extremely scared of heights and I was there to challenge it. We reached the peak (2500m) after half an hour drive from Bir. The pilot (person helping you glide) reached over and tied a huge bag over me, which gave me even more jitters because it seemed loose and very heavy, but he reassured that it will be fine. Now I was supposed to run up the cliff, which definitely didn’t seem like something that was possible to do, but then, when someone assures you that he will take care, you are not left with much option other than believe that person! I tried to run but before I could, I was blown in the air by a strong wind. Oops! And within seconds I was up in the air overcoming my biggest fear, and it was so amazing. The view from top is enough to make you forget all fears. The cold wind tore through my face, and I glided for 30 minutes, most beautiful journey ever. Oh wait, it’s not over yet. We are yet to land, remember? So it was scary all over again; my heart started beating faster as the pilot almost missed a tree but then we landed safely.

After fighting your fear the only thing you feel is hunger, like you can eat the whole world. A must-go place in the Tibetan Colony is Garden café. It is beautifully green; you sit in the shade of the creepers and all around you, you see trees. They serve freshly made eatables, so we ordered French fries, all-vegetarian: sandwich, pizza and pasta; and cold coffee. The portions served were a lot more than you could get in cities, huge sandwich and a giant mug of coffee. That’s the best way to end the trip, with satisfied taste buds.