Eating out in Banaras

Kachori and jalebi for breakfast, khichdi for lunch, meetha golguppa and nimis at sundown and moussaka for dinner… Banaras, the holy calling

Luxury in Varanasi

The Nadesar Palace offers comfort and relaxation in the land of ghats and pilgrimage

In search of the real Banarasi sari

The classic Banarasi sari, born after craftsmen migrated to Banaras (Varanasi) from Persia during Mughal times, is today fighting against the fake Bana­rasis made of Chinese silk and plastic –zari–

Pushpesh Pant

The food critic feels that Benaras – aka Varanasi – is a mecca for lovers of food

Pleasure boat

Experience the Ganga like never before. Step onto ‘The Bengal Pandaw’ and cruise in style

Divine comfort

Want to be in Varanasi and yet have nothing to do with it? Head to Nadesar Palace hotel and lap up the contradiction it has on offer

City of light

Banaras, the mystic holy city of ghats and traditions, brings everyone together