Dhanachuli: The ‘prosperous land’

Following the trails through the ruins of an abandoned village, apple orchards and curious villagers in this little hamlet in Uttarakhand. Photographs by Debjeet Kundu

The high life

Attractions of the gardens, terraces and bedchambers of Te Aroha, Dhanachuli, match the breadth of its mountain views

At a whisker’s length

Corbett’s buffer zone is thrillingly close to the tiger’s trail, but stay back to explore a resplendent retreat

Kausani, 1962

Two of America’s greatest poets journeyed to India much before ‘spiritual’ trips became a fad

Lake placid

A new trekking route in Western Garhwal leads to the magical Maldaru lake

Old haunt

A former colonial bungalow becomes the prettiest lodge in the Himalayas. Welcome to Two Chimneys

Charm revival

A calm and cosy den in Mussoorie from before Independence has got a makeover