5 Travel Books to Read in 2018

A few books to remind you what true travel writing is all about: effortlessly transporting you to a different time and place, through words

An Open Wound

A hauntingly real portrait of the most neglected part of our country

Summit Stories

Take a literary tour of the Everest of 1965 and read about the author’s summiting story

Guide to Jaipur

Walk around the old city of Jaipur with Dharmendar Kanwar’s ‘Jaipur: 10 Easy Walks’.

Guide to Hampi

John M Fritz and George Michell unravels every aspect of Hampi’the sprawling capital of the Vijayanagara empire’in their book ‘Hampi’.

Darjeeling tea: Past, present and future

Jeff Koehler, in his book ‘Darjeeling: The Colourful History and Precarious Fate of the World’s Greatest Tea’ explores not only the tea-town but also the history of Darjeeling tea.

On Easter Island’s mysteries

Three books’The Enigmas of Easter Island, Among Stone Giants, and Easter Island’on the mysteries that surround Easter Island, the volcanic island in Polynesia.

On turtle conservation in India

A study on the history of turtle conservation in India by Kartik Shanker, in his book ‘From Soup to Superstar: The Story of Sea Turtle Conservation Along the Indian Coast’.