What is a Fjord?

Fjords are the soul of Norway – and certainly a magnificent attraction. Watch this video to find out all about them

Experience The Northern Lights With Children

Travelling with children to see the Northern Lights can be difficult. But fret not, here’s a comprehensive guide with kid-friendly activities, so you and your family can enjoy the spectacular natural phenomenon

Europe: A driving holiday in Norway

Take a long and winding road through Western Norway, and drink in its scenic–if perilously distracting sights– from the Geirangerfjord, a Unesco World Heritage Site to the small hiking town of FlÃ¥m.

Norway in a nutshell

With its spectacular fjords and the stunning sculptures at the world’s largest sculpture park, Norway, is a country of breathtaking natural beauty and lofty ideals

Ode to fish in Norway

At Torget i Bergen, a fish market, you can have the produce raw, with bread, mayonnaise and wedges of lemon, along with a bottle of beer

Monica Dogra

The American singer and actor of Indian origin talks about her stay in Norway during the Ã?ya festival

Pleasure city

Oslo in summer…All night hedonism, myriad museums, fantastic food and eternal sunshine