Five Great Festive Treks

If you–re looking to spend the festive season in the great outdoors, here are some great little treks for you

The road to Mechuka

Intrigued by the tale of a magical land where cauliflowers grew to ten kilos and radishes heavier than you could carry, the author follows the Siang river to Mechuka in Arunachal Pradesh.

Discovering the Northeast: Arunachal Pradesh

The largest among the northeastern states of India, Arunachal Pradesh–with its raw and unspoiled charms– is also one of the most beautiful destinations that should be on every nature-lover’s list

Click and win

A web-enabled rolling photography competition is inviting submissions from Indian photographers around the themes of nature and travel

Quick Guide: Bhandardara, Maharashtra

Majestic lakes, soaring verdant mountains, rambunctious waterfalls and a host of adventure activities is what makes Bhandardara a quintessential weekend getaway for nature lovers

Quick Guide: Durshet, Maharashtra

Nestled in the beautiful Sahyadri mountains, Durshet, is the perfect back-to-nature weekend with nature trails, butterflies, waterfalls and a host of adventure activities