In Search of The Elusive Big Cat

Spotting tigers in the dense jungles of Madhya Pradesh is not everyone’s cup of tea. Watch how the guides of Kahna and Pench have mastered the art after decades of practice

Fun Facts About Jabalpur

From being an important place in pre-independence India to housing the club where snooker was invented, Jabalpur has many interesting stories to tell

Bhoorsingh The Barasingha

Though most people can’t think beyond tigers when it comes to Kanha, the hard-ground barasingha or swamp deer is the national park’s official mascot. Watch this video to find out why

The Burhanpur Jalebi

The varied influences on the food culture of Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh led to the making of this culinary gem. Watch to know more


Discover how tribals in Mandla use sustainable honey hunting methods to extract honey from indigenous rock bees

Mahua: A Local Brew

The flowers of the Mahua tree are used to make this traditional alcoholic brew enjoyed by both men and women in villages all over Central India

Madhya Pradesh: Karma Dance

Learn more about Karma dance, a folk dance performed to appease Karam Devta or the god of fate by tribal communities all over Madhya Pradesh