Increasing the India-Israel flight frequency with Air India

Air India’s move to increase weekly flight frequency is in the light of the significant rise in tourist arrivals from India. The outbound numbers to Israel have grown in the last few years and this introduction will help meet the growing demand from India.

The canal connect

When in Amsterdam, tour its canals like the Amsterdammers do! The city strives its best to maintain and nurture the illustrious canals

10 Eco-Friendly Ways To Travel Green

From reducing plastic and paper usage to consuming less fuel while travelling, we bring you 10 essential trips to travel in an eco-friendly manner and not hurt the environment

Go shopping in Doha!

Shopping in Qatar is an experience. On one hand, you have the traditional markets, the souqs, with their old world charm and layout. On the other, there are the up-scale malls and uber luxe shops

A Summer Carnival like no other

Look forward to a summer of feasting, festivities and fun at Ocean Park, Hong Kong, with its ‘summer carnimal’! Featuring an animal-themed grand parade and amazing shows every hour!

Visit the Treasure Trove of Islamic Art

The Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, the capital of Qatar, is a treasure trove. Their collection spans a few centuries and showcases ceramics, textiles and manuscripts among other treasures

Here Comes The Sun

Songs, dances, traditional food and superstitions—experiencing midsummer celebrations in the Baltic countries is surely a must-do thing, at least once in your lifetime

Let's play again!

The Balinese have always had a way of attracting tourists to its rich indigenous culture. There’s so much more in store for children and adults who have grown up watching Cartoon Network with this theme park which opens before you even know it!