Turning Back the Clock

La Villa Bethany, is an old English Cottage, nestled in an acre of wooded area of Landour, the small cantonment town of Mussoorie. It is located on the famed Chukkar Road, between Char Dukaan & Sister’s Bazaar

10 Eco-Friendly Ways To Travel Green

From reducing plastic and paper usage to consuming less fuel while travelling, we bring you 10 essential trips to travel in an eco-friendly manner and not hurt the environment

Where To Eat In Punjab

Punjabi cuisine is an explosion of flavours. Explore the vast variety of delectable and exotic vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes found in the state as we tell you where to eat what

He's got the gift of the 'J'ab

Jaby Koay is an American Youtuber who reviews movies, movie trailers, podcasts majorly cropping out of India, while also shooting some of his own work. A respectful and sensitive reviewer, his honest and careful reactions draw most of his viewers

Maharashtra Bans Plastic

The Maharashtra government has imposed a ban on plastic starting June 23, 2018 with stiff punishment for offenders

Rafting and water-sports in Uttarakhand no more!

The Uttarakhand government has been directed to maintain a regulation on adventure sports and watersports before the implementation of which, a ban will be noticed on all adventure activities in Uttarakhand.

SpiceJet declares 14 new domestic flights

With the new flights, passengers from the relatively small towns such as Rajahmundry, Tuticorin and Calicut can also easily travel to a host of other cities both on SpiceJet’s domestic as well as international network now

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

Taj Mahu Kothi, formerly known as Churhat Kothi, is located within the periphery of Bandhavgarh National Park, near Tala gate. Sprawled across 40 acres of lush forestland, tit offers 12 charming suites or ‘kutiyas’

Wellness in The Wild

This eco-retreat nestled in the Sahyadris takes sustainability and wellness to a whole new level

The Holy Hill Top

There is much more to the queen of hill stations than clock towers, post offices, toy trains and tea. Welcome to the land of pious pleasure and holiness…on a height!