OT: Your idea of a perfect holiday?
Navv Inder: A real holiday for me is to
stay at home, listening to music and gorging on home-made food. I love driving, so if I have to drive to my destination, it is just the best start to a vacation.

OT: What do you like most about a holiday?
Navv Inder:
I like to be away from the hustle and bustle and be happy about the fact that I can completely be with myself—preferably in silence (laughs).

OT: Which is your favourite holiday destination in the world and why?
Navv Inder: Asides from my village in Punjab, it will have to be London. Dubai also gives these two places stiff competition. Both cities have this all-embracing nature. I’ve always loved autumn in London, the way the leaves turn yellow and wither away. Going off on long walks is something I love to do when I am there. Iver village on the Uxbridge to Langley road has many houses from the 16th and 17th centuries. I end up making discoveries every time I walk in the woods there. I really want to spend more time in Dubai and explore the place—like roaming the streets and night bazaars.

OT: Favourite holiday pastime?
Navv Inder: I love exploring a place on foot. So if I go to the hills, I am always trekking the slopes. Even in London, I spend my days exploring the city, mostly by foot, but also by the tube, boat buses and the train. I have often come across some amazing street musicians this way.

OT: Any travel memories?
Navv Inder: Since we are talking about music, I was once humming Surjit Bindrakhia’s Yaar Bolda while walking with my brother, and some youngsters—all Britishers—came up to me and asked me to sing the song for them. I translated it too. This is what inspired me to do a ‘reprise’ version of the song that I am releasing soon.

OT: Anything that you’d like to change about travelling?
Navv Inder: All that crazy packing and preparation! I wish I had a robot at my beck and call to do all my packing.

OT: What do you collect or shop for during holidays?
Navv Inder: I think it will have to be bottle-openers, if you are talking about souvenirs. The quirkier, the better but still distinctly telling the story of the place from where they have been picked up.

OT: Some destinations on your wish list?
Navv Inder: The whole world! No really, I want to travel to everywhere one can go—and maybe even places where no one has been before!