No one said that travelling solo is easy. But the most underrated challenge about it is, perhaps, getting a good photograph. Taking the infamous selfie, requesting a passing stranger for a poorly lit picture and then settling for clicking photographs of the scenery—all of these are fine options, indeed. But LA-based photographer and artist, Renee Lusano has carved out a fourth option, in which she captures a selfie and a scenic picture, all rolled into one. These are formally called drone selfies (and less formally, ‘dronies’).

Through her Instagram page and website, with the handle Wrenees, Renee keeps a record of her journeys, but from a different, higher perspective. Armed with her drone (whom she calls ‘Furby’), she travels from valley to village, island to beach. Her Instagram page, with over 68,000 followers, is perhaps the more-visited of the two platforms. The typical format for a drone selfie is a short video clip that starts from a close-up shot of Renee and zooms out to show the entirety of the frame, usually a stunning landscape. This is achieved by her small drone camera that she carries with her everywhere.

She has travelled to all seven continents, and barring areas with restrictions on drones (Antarctica, for instance), has captured these places with a bird’s eye view. There are photographs from atop a Volcano In Nicaragua, in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, amidst a field of fresh flowers in Greece or inside a boat in Greenland.

It isn’t all about pretty pictures on her feed, however. Her photographs and snippets sometimes question environmental and social issues, for instance, she highlights global warming in the stretch of Ilulissat Icefior in one of her posts.

Take a look at a few more of her adventures below and follow her work on Instagram here.