OT: Which is your favourite hotel and why?

Beyonce: Le Meurice in Paris has a special place in my heart. Located on the Rue de Rivoli between the Louvre and the Place de la Concorde, it’s in, I think, the best location in all of Paris. Le Meurice is the ideal home base to discover the city. The other advantage is that it has soundproof rooms, so I can croak, sing and shout without getting conscious at all. Jay (husband, Jay-Z) records a lot of his music there and even shot ‘N***as in Paris’ with Kanye (West). That is how much we love the place.

OT: What is so special about Le Meurice?

Beyonce: The first thing that impresses you is the atmosphere and the character of the hotel. It is an unusual and perfect mix of art deco with a spirit that is modern and contemporary. I came to learn that this place was also a favourite with Salvador Dali. The rooms are so luxurious—the pastel-toned satin and Louis XVI chairs are decadent. It’s grand but not stuffy. I loved signing my name on the frosted mirror in the entrance hall. The Valmont Spa is also extremely comforting.

OT: What about the food?

Beyonce: Le Meurice has two main restaurants— the Restaurant le Meurice overlooking the Tuileries Garden, and the Restaurant Le Dali. My favourite dishes are the steamed organic vegetables with salt crystals, and the roast sea bass with a mixed citrus sauce. The Bar 228 with its leather armchairs and dark woodwork furnishings is an ideal place to sip on a glass of bubbly and nibble on cheese.

OT: Why would you like to recommend Le Meurice?

Beyonce: I wouldn’t! I would love you to go check it out yourself and tell me more because my stays have been brief. I would love to just park myself there for a good number of days and live the spoilt tourist life.