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Walking Through Historical Gates and Archways

When it comes to architectural influences, Madhya Pradesh is a perfect melting pot. Over centuries, different styles have blended in to be expressed on the gates and arches of the royal palaces, forts, mosques, and temples

The Vibrant Market of Orchha

The market of Orchha effuses enthusiasm. It is colourful, vibrant and fragrant. When you enter from the Chaturbhuj Temple parking side you are welcomed by Orchha market’s best-kept secret

Animal Motifs: The Living Inanimates

Scholars believe that the use of animal symbols in architecture proves the incomparable diversity of India’s forest landscapes and wealth.

Guides of Madhya Pradesh

It is not just the architectural and scenic beauty of places that make them a tourist attraction


Pachmarhi Chasing Waterfalls

There are numerous waterfalls that gurgle down the cliffs and make Pachmarhi, the hill town of Madhya Pradesh so charming. One of them is the Duchess Falls. The trek up to the falls is strenuous and one should be prepared to walk through the thick forest for over 4km to reach up to the falls. For sure, the effort is worth all the sweat! The falls have a perennial stream that flows into a deep pool of clean water with a thunderous roar.

Patalkot Chind Art

The traditional Chind Art is a popular art form that originated in Patalkot. Ornaments and artefacts are made using wood, bamboo and chind leaves. The art of cutting, chopping and preparing leaves is a part of the process before moulding the leaves to take the shape of jewellery or other objects.

Patalkot Medicine Man

Although hard to accept in these times that medicines made using herbs and plants are immensely impactful but this is exactly what Battu Lal Bagdaria believes in. His traditional wisdom to make medicines by cutting, drying and crushing into fine powder herbs and plants from the jungle, may not be backed by literature and records but has been passed down generation through verbal teaching.


A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1989, the Great Stupa at Sanchi is counted as the oldest but one of the best conserved Buddhist monuments in India. Built by one of the greatest Indian emperors, Ashoka, of the Mauryan Dynasty, the four elaborately carved torans (gateways) and walls of the Great Stupa depict the life and journey of Lord Buddha.