Road Trips

8 ways to explore Madhya Pradesh

From architecture to culture to food to wildlife, see Madhya Pradesh in myriad colours


Into the Depths of the Earth

Learning about rare medicinal plants in the little-known valley of Patalkot

A View into Life: Tribal Museum Bhopal

Home to several tribal communities such as the Gonds, Baigas, and Bhariyas, Madhya Pradesh’s cultural tapestry is woven with varied art, craft, architecture, and customs.

Relics of War

A long-forgotten WWII-era Prisoner of War Camp lies in the heart of the Ratapani jungle

Paper Tigers

Eco-solutions for people and the planet


The Jain Colossi

Stunning Jain colossi of Gwalior

Chausath Yogini

A temple in the middle of nowhere!

Bhojpur: Set in Stone

The architects of the ancient Bhojpur temple have left a lasting impression

The Splendours of Orchha

The erstwhile capital of the Bundelas offers a rare glimpse into history


In Search of Sangam

Going off track in Pachmarhi to discover a world of ferns and the meeting of rivers

A Walk on Pachmarhi’s Wild Side

The Panarpani-Neemghan route of the Satpura Tiger Reserve is home to ancient rock art sites and a wealth of wildlife

Small Wonders: Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary

Located at just an hour’s distance from Bhopal, Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary is a little-known forest thriving with life

Call of the Wild

Satpura National Park’s diverse landscapes throw up a range of surprises