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World Oceans Day 2024: Deep Dive Underwater At Netrani

A dive into the the treading deep waters of the Karwar coast in between Goa and Karnataka reveals many underwater wonders

Deep Dive Underwater at Netrani Photo: Barracuda Diving

Where the sky fell into the sea you couldn't tell. The whole expanse was a seamless, smudged grey. All last evening we had watched the ominous winds racing ashore, driving the waves ahead until they flung themselves thunderously against the dark, glistening rocks. Now the little fishing boat reared and bucked as we headed out to the island 18km into the Arabian Sea, its single outboard motor straining against the waves. "When the winds come up from the south, it's very hard for us fishermen. We can go out, but it's difficult getting back. Sometimes we have to wait it out at the island for the day," Zafar said. "You may not see much underwater today. The visibility drops in this weather."