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New Trends Of Vietnam Tourism From India Post Pandemic

Vietnam and India have had a good relationship and harmony for the past few centuries. You can easily find Indian cuisine in the big cities of Vietnam. Travelling to Vietnam has become one of the hot topics among Indian folks.

Vietnam Tourism

There's an increase in the demand for Vietnam tour from India after the pandemic. More and more Indians choose Vietnam as a desirable destination. 

The pandemic has changed many things in the world, including tourism. Since almost every country closed its borders for safety, it was difficult for travel lovers to be free to travel. 

Now it's post-pandemic time, and we're experiencing new trends in tourism. One of them is the tendency of Vietnam tourism from India. 

New Direct Flights from India to Vietnam 

Recently, Vietnam has launched different direct flights between its tourism hotspots and cities in India. With 11 more flights connecting the two countries, the number of routes increased from 8 to 19.  

Before the pandemic hit, India had been a potential market for Vietnam, with a remarkable growth from 85,000 visitors in 2016 to 169,000 in 2019. This number is rapidly developing thanks to the quarantine-free entry from March 15th, 2022. 

According to the Vietnamese authority, the number of visas issued has risen 24 times from 250 visas/ day during the pre-covid time to 6,000 visas/ day. Besides, applying for the visa online only takes 2-3 days, making it easier and more convenient for visitors to come and take a Vietnam tour from India. 

You can easily check the flights to Vietnam online or contact any travel or ticket agency for more details. 

Cheap Vietnam Packages From India 

Due to the difficulty in applying for visas to other countries and the reopening policies of the Vietnamese government to recover the tourism industry, Vietnam is an appealing destination to many travelers, especially Indians. 

Vietnam and India have had a good relationship and harmony for the past few centuries. You can easily find Indian cuisine in the big cities of Vietnam. Travelling to Vietnam has become one of the hot topics among Indian folks.   

In order to attract more tourists, there are many Vietnam packages from India, giving travelers a budget-fit plan to discover the country. The tradition, unique culture, and stunning landscape are worth-exploring. 

The itineraries are various, with different lengths of time, but all are at a good price. Furthermore, the packages can be customized to fit a big or small group of travelers. Check rates for the best-offered Vietnam tours. Besides, you can also choose to visit other countries in the region as well. 

Opening Travel Requirements For Indians 

According to the new directive, Vietnam has fully opened its border for international travelers since March 15th, 2022. From April 30th, 2022, medical declarations for all arrivals and the domestic health declaration requirement are suspended. In general, you can enter the country with or without being vaccinated. However, Indian and other tourists need to possess medical or travel insurance, which can cover a minimum of USD 10,000 in case of exposure to Covid.   

Vietnam also has scrapped the quarantine requirements for all foreigners arriving in the country. However, remember to self-monitor your health and inform the nearest medical center if you experience any suspicious symptoms.  

Indian citizens should obtain visas to enter Vietnam for traveling purposes. There are two ways for Indians to apply for this type of visa: getting a visa at the Vietnam embassy in India or applying for an e-visa. It's a single entry visa and valid for up to 30 days. 

The application for the online visa process is made fast, easy, and convenient for travelers to have a chance to visit Vietnam. You just need to wait 2-3 days to get your visa issued and arrive to enjoy your India to Vietnam tour package. Indian passport holders can follow these steps to obtain a tourist visa: 

  • Go to the Vietnam Immigration Department's online portal and fill out the required information 

  • Review your application form 

  • Process payment 

  • Wait for the visa-issued result 

The fast growth in the number of visas issued per day shows the trend of Vietnam tourism from India. Stay updated with the trend and let the journey itself tell you the story behind it.  

We are happy to assist with any requirement, giving you the best travel experience. Book a tour and see how the finest essence of Vietnam can satisfy the pickiest Indian visitors. 

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