Friday, Oct 07, 2022

Investment Advisors

Sandeep Kumar Gupta

Why You Cannot Ignore SIP Anymore?

By Sandeep Kumar Gupta, Mutual Fund Distributor

17 August 2022

Nisreen Zoher Mamaji

Fortune Makers By Nisreen Zoher Mamaji, Mutual Fund Distributor

Historically, small and midcaps have significantly outperformed in a rising market, and despite the extreme volatility in this segment, discerning investors invest in them to give the necessary boost to their portfolios in...

Vijay Patel, Director, Patel Associates

What is a Target Maturity Fund? By Vijay Patel, Director, Patel Associates

Currently, TMFs are mandated to invest in government securities, state development loans (SDLs) and PSU bonds. All these bonds or securities in the fund's portfolios are held to maturity. This ensures that the duration of...

Sunil Kumar Agarwal

Booster STP And Its Relevance In Current Times By Sunil Kumar Agarwal, Mutual Fund Distributor

A Booster STP is an enhanced systematic transfer plan wherein unit holders, based on market valuations, can opt to transfer variable amounts from the source scheme (debt/hybrid) to the target scheme (equity). Investors need...

10 August 2022

Abhimanyu Sharma, Founder, Swarn Wealth

Being Practical With Asset Allocation By Abhimanyu Sharma, Founder, Swarn Wealth

Every investor desires to maximize returns on their investment by taking minimal risk. This is where asset allocation comes in handy. Asset allocation is the distribution of your investments among different asset classes...

Ankit Sharma

Why Asset Allocation Is An Important Part Of Our Investment By Ankit Sharma, Director, Financial Mart

Asset allocation funds predominantly invest into equity and debt. A good asset allocator fund tries to achieve the optimum allocation of debt and equity based on the relative attractiveness of the asset classes.

29 June 2022

Vasu Bandaru

What is Portfolio Rebalancing and Why is it important for Investors?

By Vasu Bandaru, Director, The Componding Advantage

09 August 2022


Deepti Patel

A Strategy For Rising Interest Rates By Deepti S Patel, CFPCM, Director, Finacrest Wealth Pvt. Ltd.

It is well-known that the portfolio equivalent of not putting all your eggs in one basket is to diversify your portfolio investments across multiple asset classes and strategies. Two asset classes that commonly find their...

15 June 2022

03 June 2022
Sebi Narrows Scope Of Investment Advisors With New Rules, Nixes Commission On FD Advice 

Sebi Narrows Scope Of Investment Advisors With New Rules, Nixes Commission On FD Advice 

Sebi has come out with an amended investment advisors (IA) guideline. Tells registered IA in letter that they cannot earn commission for providing advisory...