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RELIANCE ETF LONGTERMGILT(RRSLGETF, ) Stock & Share Price Update With Analysis - October 29, 2019


Opening Bell !

Updated at 10.01 AM

RELIANCE ETF LONGTERMGILT opened at Rs. 0.00 today after closing at Rs. 20.06 yesterday.
The opening price of today was observed to have remained the same points as compared to the previous day's opening price.
Also, the previous day observed a day high of Rs. 0.00 and a day low of Rs. 0.00 .
One stock of RELIANCE ETF LONGTERMGILT was seen to be priced at Rs. 20.04 while a change of 0(0%) points from the previous trade was also observed as last checked on 03:57:49 A.M.
The bid-ask spread was 0 points and the volume weighed average price (vwap) was Rs. 0.00 .
RELIANCE ETF LONGTERMGILT also indicated the upper and lower cost range for the day by providing a price band Rs. 16.04 - 24.04 .

Updated at 9.01 AM

Yesterday, RELIANCE ETF LONGTERMGILT saw a high of Rs. which was 0 points more than the opening price after which it closed at a price of Rs. 20.06 .
Also, the lowest price which was Rs. went 0 points lower than the opening price.
The last volume that was traded was of stocks and by the end of the day, the 5 day, 10 day & 30 day average volumes were , and respectively.
Compared to the previous day the 5 day average volume remained the same as yesterday's stocks, 10 day average volume remained the same as yesterday's stocks and 30 day average volume remained the same as yesterday's stocks.

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