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Central Bank of India(CENTRALBK, 532885) Stock & Share Price Update With Analysis - June 11, 2018

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Closing Bell !

Updated at 4.05 PM

During the final trading hours Central Bank of India was seen to be priced at Rs.83.35 while being 4.85 points above the day's lowest and 0.45 points below the day's highest. With this, the day's high was Rs.83.8 and the day's low was Rs.78.5 .
With this, 1,976,047 stocks were traded while the 5 day, 10day & 30 day average volumes were observed to be 377,382 , 421,024 , and 368,662 respectively.
The 5 day average volume rose 49686 stocks, 10 day average volume rose 26254 stocks and 30 day average volume rose 12240 stocks relative to the previous day' s values.
The 52 week lowest price was Rs. 62.00 while the 52 week highest was Rs. 104.00 .

Updated at 03.03 PM

After opening at Rs.79.30 , Central Bank of India was observed to be priced at Rs.83 with a change of 4.2(5.33%) points.
The current price saw an increase of 3.7 points than today's opening price.
The bid-ask spread was -0.1 points with the bid price being Rs.83.00 for 121 stocks and the ask price being Rs.83.10 for 668 stocks along with 1,551,620 stocks that were traded.

Updated at 01.02 PM

Central Bank of India saw an increase of 3.4 points from today's opening price with the current price being Rs. 82.7 while a change of 3.9(4.95%) points was also observed from the previous trade.
At this time of the day, a total of 753,775 stocks were being traded.
The bid price was Rs. 82.70 and the offer price was Rs. 82.75 with the bid-ask spread being -0.05 points.
The volume of the traded stocks fell by 244 stocks while the volume weighted average price went up 0.49 points as compared to our previous check.

Updated at 12.02 PM

After managing to touch a high of Rs.81.75 and falling as low as Rs.78.50 through the day, one stock of Central Bank of India was observed to be priced at Rs.81.75.
The total volume traded was 509,352 stocks with the volume weighted average price being Rs.80.62.
The bid price was Rs.81.70 for 380 stocks while the ask price was Rs.81.75 for 640 stocks making the bid-ask spread to be -0.05.

Opening Bell !

Updated at 10.08 AM

Central Bank of India opened at Rs. 79.30 today after closing at Rs. 78.80 yesterday.
The opening price of today was observed to have increased 2.55 points as compared to the previous day's opening price.
Also, prices touched a high of Rs. 79.00 and a low of Rs. 75.80 the previous day.
One stock of Central Bank of India was seen to be priced at Rs. 80.1 while a change of 1.3(1.65%) points from the previous trade was also observed as last checked on Jun 11, 10:04 A.M.
The volume weighted average price (vwap) was observed to be Rs. 79.78 while the bid-ask spread was recorded to be -0.05 points.
With this a price band of Rs. 63.05 - 94.55 was also provided by Central Bank of India for the day.

Updated at 9.05 AM

Yesterday, Central Bank of India stock closed at Rs. 78.80 while touching a maximum of Rs. 79.00 which was 2.25 points more than the opening price.
Also, it saw a minimum of Rs. 75.80 which was 0.95 points less than the opening price.
547,696 was the last recorded volume of the day with the 5 day average volume being 327,696 , the 10 day average volume being 394,770 and the 30 day average volume being 356,422 stocks.
The 5 day average volume fell 81886 stocks, 10 day average volume rose 20058 stocks and 30 day average volume fell 3084 stocks in contrast to the previous day’s values.

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