• Into The Deep

    Cavers at Krem Mawpun.

    Photograph by Toby Hamnet
  • Surreal Art

    At Krem Puri

    Photograph by Marcel Dikstra
  • What Lies Beneath

    Brian Daly at Krem Dam

    Photograph by Elena Buduram
  • Paleoclimatologist Ashish Sinha studies a stalagmite

    Photograph by Ashish Sinha
  • A caver at Krem Rupa.

    Photograph by Marcel Dikstra
  • Where Time Stands Still

    A cave expert looks at rock formations in Krem Puri, also known as the ‘Fairy Cave’.

    Photograph by Mark Tringham
  • Fossils preserved on a wall of Krem Arwah