Selfies Are Like Self-Love -- Why Raghu Rai Is Upset At Diminishing Power Of Photographs

Celebrated photographer Raghu Rai feels use of photographs in modern-day media do not capture the churning that India is going through and don't reveal the real human spirit

September 19, 2019

Rahul Gandhi hugging Modi in Parliament, 2018

Priya Varrier’s wink in the film Oru Adaar Love went viral

A baby rescued from abductors smiling at a policeman in Hyderabad (2017)

Modi taking a selfie with his party symbol after voting in 2014

Saluting the flag on Independence Day in flood-hit Assam (2017)

A Sikh cop saving a Muslim man from a mob (2018)

Human-animal conflict in West Bengal, 2017. The ­calf survived the fire bomb, but not many do.

Bollywood stars take a selfie with Modi in January 2019.

An old man cries ­outside a bank in Gurgaon after demonetisation

M. Akhlaq’s mugshot

Farmers’ ­protest in 2018

Dana Majhi carrying his dead wife body on the shoulders after he was allegedly denied a hearse

Eminent Photographer Raghu Rai

Photograph by Getty Images