Exotic Indian Breed Dogs

March 07, 2019

Two Rampur Hounds in action

Photograph by Tribhuvan Tiwari

Origin: Chippiparai (near Madurai district Tamil Nadu) They are excellent hunting and watch dogs.

Origin: West Bengal They were popular among the royal families of India; used for hunting jackals, tigers and even lions.

Origin: Manipur Lore has it that this endangered species is a cross-breed ­between the Asiatic black bear and wild hunting dogs.

Origin: Tamil Nadu In the old days, they were used for hunting.

Origin: Andhra Pradesh These hunters are the only fishing dogs in India. Considered a menace to fishermen, they were hunted down to near-extinction.

Origin: Jammu and Kashmir Also called the Kashmir Mastiff or Gujjar watchdog, they are a cross between wolf and the Molosser sheepdog. This breed is on the brink of extinction.

Origin: Andhra Pradesh They hunt small boars, hares and rabbits. This breed is known for its strong territorial instinct and is often used as a guard dog.

Origin: Tamil Nadu Hound dogs of Tamil aristocrats, they fought alongside Tipu Sultan against the British. They’re also found in the army.

Origin: Maharashtra Skilled hunters, they are near-extinct in India. This breed can be found in Russia.

Origin: All over India The stray on Indian streets is a Pariah breed, but it’s mostly a mix bec­ause of cross-breeding. Purebreds thrive in the deep hinterlands.

Origin: Deccan Plateau Unlike other breeds of Indian dogs, the Mudhol hound, a favourite pet in the Deccan, is thriving.

Origin: Himachal Pradesh Also called the Indian Mastiff, this multi-skilled dog is primarily used for hunting.