Y.K. Sabharwal

Justice Y.K. Sabharwal greets Justice Balakrishnan after the latter becomes CJI

Narendra Bisht

Justice Y.K. Sabharwal
CJI: 2005-2007 Allegation: Passed a series of orders for sealing commercial properties in Delhi. This favoured certain builders and the judge's sons. Later on the judge’s sons continued to reap huge benefits and even bought a huge property in central Delhi even though another bidder had offered a much higher price.

Narendra Bisht

Former Chief Justice of India Y.K. Sabharwal faced serious charges. His sons were alleged to have got into partnerships with large shopping mall and commercial complex developers and got into the business of developing commercial complexes just before he called the case of sealing commercial establishments operating from residential areas to himself and thereafter passed the orders of sealing them.  Also See: Contempt of Judicial Power