Markandey Katju
  • Feb 05, 2015

    Illustration by Saahil
  • Feb 27, 2014

    Illustration by Sorit
  • Sep 05, 2013

    Illustration by Sorit
  • Apr 17, 2013

    Pressed For Answers His fervent mercy pleas on behalf of actor Sanjay Dutt may have landed Press Council of India chairman Markandey Katju in some legal tangles. After he wrote to the Maharashtra governor urging him to pardon Dutt, a case has been filed in the Bombay HC to repeal the Press Council Act itself, since there is no provision to impeach the chairman. The man behind it is Arvind Pansare, a journalist working for a daily run by Sanatan Prabhat and convenor of the Deshbhakt Patrakar Manch. “Mr Katju is taking undue advantage of his post. His constant controversial statements are creating confusion in the country. His behaviour is completely inappropriate considering his post. Therefore, he is morally not entitled to remain as chairman....” says a statement issued by the petitioner. Now that Sanjubaba has got only a month to finish his films, we are wondering if Katju will step in yet again.
    Illustration by Sorit
  • Mar 28, 2013

    He wants more PCI chairman Katju with Salman Khurshid (left) and Kapil Sibal
    Jitender Gupta
  • Feb 21, 2013

    Illustration by Sorit
  • Dec 26, 2012

    A.K. Ramanujan Medal of Honour for Infinite Wisdom: Justice Markandey Katju, for dubbing 90 per cent of Indians fools. Also for asking the media to relax on the whole rape thing and focus on India’s Other Equally Important Pressing Problems.
    Illustration by Sorit
  • May 03, 2012

    Disenchanted Press Council chairman Justice Katju
    Sanjay Rawat
  • Mar 27, 2012

    A journalist argues with Chairman of Press Council of India Justice Markandey Katju at a press conference in Lucknow. Katju said in the press conference that the Idea of Lokpal is 'Unworkable'.
    PTI Photo/Nand Kumar
  • Mar 01, 2012

    Emergency measures Retd Justice Katju
    Sanjay Rawat
  • Jan 15, 2012

    Vice President M. Hamid Ansari releases the book “Justice to Urdu” with its author Justice Makandey Katju as Law Minister Salman Khurshid and veteran Journalist Kuldeep Nayar look on at a function in New Delhi on Saturday.
    PTI Photo/Manvender Vashist
  • Dec 21, 2011

    Justice Markandey Katju Vs the Indian media As an interested party, we should recuse ourselves from this! Moreover, if we say we understand what he’s saying, we’ll risk proving him wrong. For, Justice Katju, head of the Press Council, thinks a majority of the Indian media—he’s “sorry to say”—are of a very poor intellectual level. We spread superstitions and don’t ask tough questions on real issues. He even thinks Kapil Sibal’s efforts to curb social media are right on. What are we to do? Except, sorry to say, shake our heads?
    Illustration by Sorit
  • Dec 14, 2011

    Illustration by Sorit


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