Amy Jackson

An avalanche of sighs blew through the Indian scene with the departure, to London, of Amy, an old favourite of ours. Now, the effortlessly glamorous girl is exp­ecting a baby with fiance George Panayiotou and is punch-drunk with pride. At the Bafta awards, Amy was in a red, sensuously cut gown, flaunting her baby bump.

Photograph by Getty Images

We took pleasure in widely disseminating the abundant charms of Amy Jackson in these pages. There she is now, at the London Fas­hion Week, sporting an asymmetrically off-shoulder, glitter-strewn gown designed by her friend Rocky S. An Indian at heart, our Amy is.

Many said the real star in Lion wasn’t Nicole Kidman or Dev Patel, but brilliant little Sunny Pawar. As if to confirm, he won the Rising Star Award at the Asian Awards in London. Being unfazed at Amy’s glittering presence, shaking mayor Sadiq Khan’s hand...Sunny was tops on the carpet.

Photograph by AP

Bollywood actress Amy Jackson performs during the opening ceremony of 10th edition of the Indian Premier League, in Hyderabad.


Amy Jackson never fails to make our pages with regularity—this time it’s for denying her rum­oured closeness to Salman. So what? Except that she off­ers our photo editors with une­nding choices of glamour shots for your delectation.

The moment Amy Jackson discards her hot poppet look, she appears to be classily charming. What’s she doing with Salman then? Promoting the Sohail Khan-directed Freaky Ali.

Photograph by PTI

Sonam and Aishwarya may try to turn heads on the Cannes carpet, peddling cosmetics, but Amy Jack­son has an invite—from the British Film Institute (BFI), no less. She’ll attend a charity event for Syrians too. She looks good in white. It go well on the red carpet too.