Abhay Deol

If you want to scour modern art for influences to the watercolour, there’s no end to guesswork: a celebrated Kalighat patachitra, or a crude Matisse. But since Abhay Deol captions his latest artwork as inspired by “an old burlesque poster”, one might visualise a crude Toulouse-Lautrec. Ah, but the point is that while not impersonating valorous army majors daring perfidious Chinks (the upcoming 1962:The War in the Hills), the actor has time to twirl the painting brush. Abhay, of course, chooses his art boldly: a year back, he shared this Banksy-esque image of the police on the rampage in protest against the attack on Jamia students. The alluring lady at her toilette, however, is ‘incomplete’, says Abhay. We hope he fills in the details of her boudoir.

Until Anurag Kashyap’s breakthrough, Sharat babu’s Devdas was wallowing weightily in the 21st century, the Bhansali version having only added opulence to a cliché. Dev D exhumed him from film city and brought him to the raw and real city with stupendous style.

Actor-producer Abhay Deol

Photograph by Sinbad Phgura