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Karan Thapar

Magazine | Apr 21, 2003

Tungsten Vision

A book that falls well short of the expectations one has of the author and journalist

Magazine | Dec 16, 2002


"I'd have loved to be..." A column on the alternate aspirations of celebrities

Magazine | Aug 05, 2002

English, Pidgin-Holed

Forster was able to detect a trend that has, 50 years later, become an undeniable fact.

Magazine | Dec 17, 2001

Vasant Vihar

Our celebrity round-up of places where they live.

Magazine | Sep 07, 1998

Karan Thapar

His signature shows off the air, but Indias top TV interviewer is all set to move

Website | Feb 22, 2014

'I Am Neither Happy Nor Unhappy'

The finance minister on the fiscal deficit, Telangana, Parliament's behaviour, Rajiv Gandhi's killers, Rahul

Website | Oct 07, 2009

'The Relationship With Nehru Remained Platonic'

Lord Mountbatten's daughter says her mother shared a very deep love with Pandit Nehru.

Website | Oct 20, 2003

'What We Need In Dealing With Pakistan Is Patience'

'I think India's case is very well understood, India's case is very well appreciated.

Website | Dec 28, 2002

'There Is Nothing Objectionable In The Enjoyment Of Sex'

Excerpts from SABe TV programme Line of Fire where the Vishwa Hindu Parishad Preisdent

Website | Aug 24, 2002

"Court Martial"

Transcript of Televison Talk Show Court Martial broadcast on SAB TV  where the foreign secretary,