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Edward Said

Beyond Death

Sep 26, 2003 Omar Barghouti

He is (past tense can only be used with those of much humbler legacies) beyond in the expansive reach of his intellect, from opera to Islam, from literature to philosophy, and quite a lot in between.

Preface To Orientalism

Aug 08, 2003 Edward Said

The terrible conflicts that herd people under falsely unifying rubrics like 'America', 'The West' or 'Islam' must be opposed.

Imperial Perspectives

The Arabs are thought of as different, incapable of logic, unable to tell the truth, fundamentally disruptive and murderous. A long-standing Orientalist view that will not permit the Arabs as a people to exercise their right to national self-determin

Dignity And Solidarity

Jun 30, 2003 Edward Said

The struggle of the Palestinian people is now a byword for emancipation and enlightenment, except, perhaps, in the Arab world.

Archaeology Of The Roadmap

To read through the roadmap is to confront an unsituated document, oblivious of its time and place.

29 May, 2003

The Arab Condition

Edward Said

Why do the Arabs never pool their resources to fight for the causes which officially, at least, they support. And how much further can they sink?

25 April, 2003

What Is Happening To The United States?

Edward Said

What is formidable about Iraq is its rich culture, its complex society, and its long-suffering people, . These were all made invisible, the better to smash Iraq as if it were only a den of thieves and murderers

21 April, 2003

Give Us Back Our Democracy

Edward Said

Americans have been cheated and lied to on matters of the gravest constitutional importance.

22 March, 2003

The Other America

Edward Said

The United States is not the monolith many presume it to be. It is more accurate to apprehend America as embroiled in a serious clash of identities whose counterparts are visible as similar contests throughout the rest of the world.

07 March, 2003

Who Is In Charge?

Edward Said

An immensely wealthy and powerful republic has been hijacked by a small cabal of individuals, all of them unelected and therefore unresponsive to public pressure, and simply turned on its head.

15 February, 2003

A Monument To Hypocrisy

Edward Said

That Bush and Sharon have contempt for the non-white people of this world is clear. The question is, how long can they keep getting away with it? Every one of us must raise our voices, and march in protest, now and again and again.

20 January, 2003

An Unacceptable Helplessness

Edward Said

Will the last person to leave please turn out the lights? Hasn't the time come for us collectively to demand and try to formulate a genuinely Arab alternative to the wreckage about to engulf our world?

24 December, 2002

Immediate Imperatives

Edward Said

Real change can come, in Palestine as elsewhere, only when people actively will that change.

02 December, 2002

Misinformation About Iraq

Edward Said

On the Iraqi expatriate, Kanan Makiya, to promote himself as the father of what he calls a "non-Arab" and decentralised post-Ba'ath country.

18 November, 2002

Europe Versus America

Edward Said

In comparison with US war fever, Europe has struck a more moderate, thoughtful tone. But when will it assume a countervailing role to America?

16 October, 2002

Israel, Iraq, And The United States

Edward Said

America marches to war as if in a trance. We must do everything in our power to slow down and finally stop the recourse to war that has now become a theory and not just a practice

01 October, 2002

Low Point Of Powerlessness

Edward Said

As Sharon escalates his criminal war against defenceless Palestinians, Arafat has the courage and defiance to resist. And he has his people with him on that score.

24 August, 2002

Disunity And Factionalism

Edward Said

What lies behind the Pavlovian regularity with which Arabs try to hurt and impede each other rather than uniting behind a common purpose?

Photo Gallery

Panic-stricken migrant labourers arrive from Kashmir, in Jammu. Four migrant labourers were shot dead in the valley by the terrorists in the past two days.

PTI Photo

BJP activists burn an effigy during a protest against the recent killings of Bihari labourer by terrorists in Kashmir, in Patna.

PTI Photo

Patients wait to undergo tests in a hospital, amid a spike in cases of vector-borne diseases, in Bikaner

PTI Photo

TMC MP Mahua Maitra campaigns with party candidate Braj Kishore Goswami for the upcoming Shantipur Assembly by-elections in Nadia.

PTI Photo

Samajwadi Party leaders wearing black arm bands protest at UP Assembly premises before a special session of UP Assembly.

PTI Photo/Nand Kumar

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Cover Story

This Election Season In UP, Lakhimpur Kheri Is The New Political Battlefield

The Opposition is hoping for a rich election harvest in Uttar Pradesh but Lucknow appears to be a long way from the killing fields.


The Negotiator: Rakesh Tikait Is The Glue Holding Farmers’ Agitation Together

The former Delhi Police employee has also emerged as the go-to man for the authorities to reach out to the agitating farmers.

Vikas Pathak
The Negotiator: Rakesh Tikait Is The Glue Holding Farmers’ Agitation Together


Kashmir Minority Killings A Throwback To The Terrifying 90s

Outwardly peaceful, Kashmir has seen a spate of civilian killings in recent weeks. A silent unease has now exploded into fear and concern after the shooting of minorities.

Naseer Ganai
Kashmir Minority Killings A Throwback To The Terrifying 90s


Virat Kohli’s Abrasive Leadership Style Gave Indian Cricket A New Dimension

Virat Kohli will step down as T20 captain of India and RCB but that will not take away the fact that he remains a unique leader

Sep 20, 2021 Arijit Ghosh

Taliban: What’s Next For The International Community?

With all foreign soldiers out of Afghanistan, the Taliban is now in a position to do pretty much what it wants.

Sep 13, 2021 Seema Guha

Rising Challenges Of Plagiarism In The Era Of Online Education

It can be a crucial stepping stone to develop young minds to appreciate the importance of practising honesty throughout their academic journey and lay the foundations for successful professional careers.

Sep 12, 2021 Chaitali Moitra

Vaccine Mandates Harm Long-Term Public Health

One can be pro-religion, but against coerced religion; one can be pro-vaccines, but against coercion and mandates

Sep 12, 2021 Kameswari Chebrolu