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Anita Nair

Magazine | Aug 24, 2016

Swami And His Pursuers

These pacy thrillers put two southern cities on the crime map

Magazine | Oct 20, 2014

The Lonely Art Of Hanging

A Malayalam novel set in Calcutta looks at family history, the role of women and tortured

Magazine | Nov 04, 2013

Anita Nair

Magazine | Dec 07, 2009


An erudite book, demanding effort and perseverance from the reader.

Magazine | Mar 10, 2008

Li'l Charmers

Such is the dexterity with which Basu writes that the 12 separate stories meld together to

Magazine | Jun 11, 2007

Here Are The Facts...

This collection brings the best of a rare poetic sensibility to the issues that concern us.

Magazine | Apr 16, 2007

Pilot Projects

Despite its grating unevenness, what redeems this collection is the presence of some new and superbly

Magazine | Jul 31, 2006

Paint Your Landscape

Rather like the city itself, this is a book that is the result of a cultivated

Magazine | Jun 20, 2005

Nymphet's Nemesis

Almost lovingly written all through, in its finale, the story suddenly acquires the leanings of a

Website | Jun 01, 2001

'I'd Like To Be Labelled A Writer Of Literary Fiction'

The author of Ladies Coupe on train journeys, women, writing and writing styles...