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Abhinav Bindra

Magazine | Aug 13, 2012

A Slim Harvest

Olympic prowess radiates power. A sporting culture is the key to it.

Magazine | Aug 25, 2008

Home On The Range

Having an affluent background helped where the system didn't

Magazine | Aug 25, 2008

'I Wasn't Thinking Of Making History'

Abhinav Bindra talks to Outlook on his golden achievement

Magazine | Aug 25, 2008

Know Your Abhinav Bindra

The men and woman behind the gold finger, the family, the career, the personality...


Magazine | Aug 25, 2008

Now, Midas...Shooting For Gold

So, Abhinav Bindra displays no emotion. Isn't that why he could tap into his real mettle

Magazine | Aug 14, 2006

Abhinav Bindra

Gloating in glory, India's first world shooting champion has set his next target

Website | Nov 14, 2013

'The Law Must Intervene'

'It is now time for legal reform and the turn of national and state

Website | Jul 28, 2006

'Shooting India's No. 1 Sport'

'We have had Olympic medallists, world champions and world record holders. We are on


Website | Jun 17, 2003

'There Was Never Any Doubt'

'Despite the setback in Zagreb, I knew I could do it,' the ace marksman