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Best Experienced By : Friends! A music band? Even better.

Nature’s generous exuberance is hard to fathom for first timers to Meghalaya. Dotted with centuries-old institutions, gabled roofed homes and church spires peeping over them, the state is also a brilliant showcase of frothy waterfalls, plunging valleys, and crystal clear rivers. It has an abiding music scene at the local cafes. No better time to explore this in the nippy Christmas period when you can drive in Maruti Suzuki Alto through a veil of clouds or be warmed by the festive cafes and the hospitality of the locals.

pit stops

  • Guwahati

  • Cherrapunji

  • Schnongpdeng

  • Mawlynnong

  • Shillong


Living Root Bridges

Asia’s Cleanest Village

Christmas Vibe

Jadoh (local food) Stalls

Caving, Camping & Kayaking

India-Bangladesh Border

Pobitora Wildlife Sancuary


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Sahil Sharma

Sahil wears the hats of musician and writer. Both his worlds collide when writing songs for the band and playing the guitar for The Cosmic Truth.

Saachi Chetan Chandarana

Lead singer, music producer and a make up maestro you just need to follow. Saachi brings a special energy to The Cosmic Truth and many other bands in India.

Kireet Sharma

Guitarist for The Cosmic Truth, Kireet knows exactly how to get the crowd going. If not for a guitarist.. well, he would always be a guitarist.

Siddhant Boruah

Guwahati boy, Siddhant holds sway on the stage with the drums for The Cosmic Truth. Don't go by his boyish charm. He cuts a mean figure with those mallets.