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Maharashtra is blessed with nature’s bounty. And it is even more partial to those who like the sea, as it offers a long coastline to explore. This is perfect for a road journey in Maruti Suzuki Alto, for those who are enamoured by the ebbing waves and bright sunny days. On this trip, you get to wheel along from Pune, to the dream-like views of Harihareshwar, and then go on to explore Ganpati Pule and Tarkarli. Water sports (snorkeling, parasailing, jet skiing and more) in the day for some adrenaline pumping action with orange sky sunsets to unwind in the evening, add to the charm of Maharashtra.

pit stops



Ganpati Pule



Jet Skiing

Parasailing and snorkeling

Ganpatipule Temple

Tarkarli Beach



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Sagar Advani

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