Immerse in the festive spirit

Best Experienced By : Young couples with kids. Bring your other favourite couple along.

Punjab is best known for a stunning countryside, ‘true from the heart’ hospitality, and a vibrant culture of music, dance and delicious food. Trees in the farms of Punjab stoop with robust produce of fruits, and mustard fields stretch to the horizon on both sides of the roads. Then there is always the draw of the soothing Golden Temple, where thousands walk through the doors each day and yet there is a strong calming vibe to it. But on this trip with Maruti Suzuki Alto, it’s time to immerse in the festive spirit of Lohri, along with all the other local experiences of the state.

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Sampling the farm life

Delicious local food

Golden Temple

Wagah Border

Tarn-Taran Sahib

Lohri Celebrations


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Sheetal Rai

Civil engineer turned actor, photographer and costume designer, Sheetal Rai wears many hats. When not riding a motorcycle along the length and breadth of the country, you can find her dabbling in video editing and even directing.

Vikas Koul

Born traveller and explorer, while Vikas's soul is in the mountains, he needs to be in the city for his sound design and music production interests. He's always on the look out for lesser treaded places to travel to with his friends.


All of 10 years, Himanshi has her heart set on Kashmiri songs and travel. There couldn't be a better trip for her to explore the folk music of Punjab