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Wheels Of Wander

Outlook Traveller joins hands with Maruti Suzuki Alto to help 6 sets of the car’s target audience for the Wheels of Wander campaign. The partnership is geared to bring the magic of India alive for different travellers. As a company that has 16 years of mapping the world, we’ve selected some of the most pulsating festive backdrops, thrilling adventures and a variety of themes for the audience to choose. They can pick a trail and apply on our website for a self-driven journey that will be etched in the minds forever. The trails have been specifically timed with a particular festival or vibrant mood of a time in the year, to add extra exuberance to the destination.

Outlook Traveller

Outlook Traveller is one of the leading travel magazines of India, with a strong digital presence with over one and a half decades of bringing the most inspirational travel stories to the readers. As one of the first travel magazines of India, it is considered authority on experiential travel content. Each story is well researched by a large network of on-ground writers and captured on camera by photographers, to bring credible information and quality suggestions to the reader. Outlook Traveller has a strong editorial panel that includes inputs from its four verticals; magazine, website, guide books and responsible tourism initiative.

About Maruti Suzuki Alto

One of India’s first cars, the Maruti Suzuki Alto has been a key player in driving India’s transformation in the automobile industry. Thanks to its fuel efficiency and high mileage the Maruti Suzuki Alto has formed a special place in the heart of most Indians. It is because of this legacy, that most families choose to purchase an Alto, making it the highest selling car for 12 years in a row. Designed especially for Indian roads, the Maruti Suzuki Alto has given more than 30 lakh families the freedom to embark on their journey to success.