Book a Ticket on the First Space Odyssey in 2027

Book a Ticket on the First Space Odyssey in 2027
Spaceship flies near the amazing blue planet earth, view from the window, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

You can even buy holiday homes in space, but it'll cost you. And how

OT Staff
April 04 , 2021
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Get ready to go where no man has gone before. The Gateway Foundation has announced the opening of the world’s first space hotel, The Voyager Space Station, in 2027. The hotel will be constructed over 11,600 square meters of habitable space in the shape of a ferris wheel. The space station will create artificial gravity using centrifugal force as the hotel will keep spinning to simulate gravity in its pods. The construction of the Voyager Station will start in 2026 by Orbital Assembly Corporation.

The Gateway Foundation was founded in 2012 with the purpose of building the world’s first rotating space station in orbit. 


The Voyager Station will be set in low earth orbit at an elevation of 97 degrees.

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The hotel will be located 500-550 kilometres away from Earth and will be synchronised to always be in a fixed location relative to the Sun. This will ensure the reduction in thermal stress allowing the continuous generation of solar power. 

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Here's what to expect if you are thinking of booking rooms. The space station will support 24 habitation units. The amenities and rooms at the  hotel will be similar to those on earth with deluxe accommodations designed with comfortable interiors for up to 280 guests. You can avail of gourmet restaurants, full-service kitchens, gyms, and bars. There'll be space for scientific research pods, and crew accommodation. The hotel interiors will be designed of natural materials. 

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Oh, and it'll also have villas which you can purchase as a holiday home in space. Imagine getting to see the stars and moon up close from your window. 

For any of you who wish to have your 2027 vacation in space, better start saving - and real hard. It'll cost you Rs36.67 crore - for a luxurious stay of three-and-a-half days.

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