Goa Won't Enforce Strict Health Protocols on Tourists, Says Minister

Goa Won't Enforce Strict Health Protocols on Tourists, Says Minister
Complaints were received that tourists In Goa were not following pandemic travel advisories), Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Enforcing stricter health protocols will lead to a drop in tourist rates, and loss of GST, says Goa's Port Minister Michael Lobo

OT Staff
April 04 , 2021
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Tourism in Goa has witnessed a surge after the vaccines rolled out. 

Though many places are now accepting vaccinated tourists, several states still ask for negative RT-PCR reports. The situation can become especially tricky in places that are tourist magnets. There have been instances of entire countries - like Venice - objecting to the influx of tourists. 

In Goa, complaints were received that tourists were not following the travel advisories laid down by the health ministry to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  

Responding to these, Michael Lobo, Port Minister of Goa, said that Goa is getting its GST currently through tourism and enforcing strict SOPs over the tourists will hinder tourism in the state. He stated that every tourist entering the state is mandated to present a negative RT-PCR report and advised to take precautionary measures.

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He also said that people are now travelling for leisure within India in spite of rising COVID—19 cases and enforcing strict health measures would deter tourists from coming in for holidays.  

He further added that Section 144 does not apply to tourists and the imposing of section 144 had nothing to do with tourism.

He expressed his concerns towards the youth employed in the field of tourism who would be forced to sit at homes in case the tourist numbers drop in Goa. If this happens then the state would have to handle pandemic and unemployment crises simultaneously, he said.

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