The Countries that are Open for Travellers in 2021

The Countries that are Open for Travellers in 2021
Many countries are planning to lift restrictions on travel soon, Photo Credit:

Making international travel plans this year? Check out our comprehensive list of countries that are, or will, open for travel

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March 18 , 2021
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Countries all over the world had put travel and tourism on pause due to the pandemic. However, after an year, borders seem to be gradually re-opening, albeit with restrictions in place. With vaccine drives taking off, it is quite likely that international travel would commence from around mid 2021.

Many countries are, in fact, planning on lifting restrictions on travelling abroad. However, there could still be health risks and uncertainty, pertaining to the new and emerging strains of the coronavirus.


There's finally some hope that international travel will start again soon

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If the cases surge again, tourists may have to adhere to stricter norms of curfews, safety protocols and quarantine rules.

Here's a rundown of countries who are in various stages of welcoming international tourists, or are planning to in the near future.

Austria: Austria had opened its borders for tourists on June 16, 2020. Although, due to a new wave of coronavirus, it is experiencing restrictions right now. EU and third party nations were visiting the country freely since then. However, it had enter into lockdown from November 3, and a partial lockdown from December 6.

Bali (Indonesia): Only travellers with business visas are allowed in the country with some protocols and expenses to boot. The country is closed for general tourism. It was anticipated that it would open its borders for the general public from September 11, 2020, however, the decision was retracted. It is not likely that Bali would open its borders before May 2021.

Brazil: It is open for tourism with certain restrictions. It is mandatory to have a negative PCR test report of coronavirus not before 72 hours of arrival. Its borders had been open since July 30, 2020.

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Egypt: All visitors need to carry a negative PCR test report not longer than 72 hours prior to departure. The country has been reopened for tourists since July 1, 2020.

France: The country reopened its borders from June 15, 2020, and for some third party nations, it was re-opened from July 1. Travellers need to carry a 72 hour prior negative PCR report.

Germany: It's not open for tourists right now. The country had reopened on June 15, but is currently under a five-step phased plan lockdown. The restrictions may ease after May.

Greece: It had lifted the lockdown from June 1, and tourists were also welcomed. From July 1, even tourists from third party nations were allowed in. One can easily visit Greece, however there are a certain restrictions in place - such as, citizens would need to carry a 72 hours prior negative PCR report and would also need to quarantine for seven days.

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Italy: The country started accepting visitors without restrictions from June 3 onwards. Only selected third party nations were allowed here from July 1. Now, a 48 hour prior PCR test or antigen is mandatory for arrival.

Malaysia: It had opened borders for some select travellers from July, 2020 such as expat property owners, reciprocal green lane passengers and some other categories.

Maldives: Maldives has been open since July, and it is ready for the post-vaccination travel boom. The country also plans to roll out a vaccine tourism initiative. Tourists need to have a 96-hour prior COVID-19 report. People from any part of the world are welcome. According to a PTI report, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has witnessed over 55,000 passengers fly to Maldives from Mumbai since the commencement of air services on the route, under the air bubble agreement, from August last year. The ease in travel restrictions have made Maldives a preferred destination among leisure travellers, CSMIA said. CSMIA is witnessing a steady increase in passenger traffic from Mumbai to the Maldives, with 56,000 passengers flying between the two destinations on around 410 flights operated till date, the private airport operator said in a statement. The country has even set a record for the most tourist arrivals.

Nepal: Our Himalayan neighbour opened its borders from December 2020. Tourists need to have a 72 hours prior COVID-19 negative report to enter. According to reports in Kathmandu Post, all tourist visas have been restored, and foreign visitors are now free to fly into the country, the Department of Immigration said.

Russia: A select few countries were allowed to visit from July 15. A negative COVID-19 PCR report is mandatory from 72 hours of departure.

South Africa: It opened for tourism from October 1, announcing free visa for tourists from 11 countries. Tourists need to show a 72 hour prior COVID-19 negative report.

Spain: It had reopened for tourists within the European Union on June 21, 2020. A negative PCR report of COVID-19 is necessary to enter the country.

Sri Lanka: Our neighbour reopened borders from January 21, 2021 with a pretty relaxed set of rules for the first two weeks of their stay. Under these, tourists can free go where they choose provided they stay in approved hotels, visit approved sites at specific times, travel via independent transportation, undergo frequent testing, and refrain from intermingling with the local population. Sri Lanka Tourism Chairperson Kimarli Fernando referred to it as a “new concept” developed by the tourism authority — which allows tourists to travel the country in “bio bubbles,” or roving semi-isolated groups that let travellers sightsee without mixing with the local population. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka has set a target of 800,000 foreign tourist arrivals for 2021. And we hear that the tourism department is working with the health authorities to recognise vaccinated travellers, who are encouraged to take PCR tests upon arrival and then continue to join the community with strict regulations in place. Kimarli Fernando, Chairperson of Sri Lanka Tourism, said that Sri Lanka is currently working with the Indian government on a travel bubble agreement to host destination weddings in Sri Lanka.

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Switzerland: It reopened its borders for 30 countries, from June 15, 2020. Passengers are to show their negative PCR report of COVID-19 to enter the country.

Thailand: A few areas are open for selected tourists. Allows visitors under strict entry preconditions, which also includes a 14 day quarantine. For vaccinated visitors, it plans on shortening the quarantine to 7 days.

UAE (Dubai): Travel restrictions are not much in Dubai, UAE. It had officially opened its borders on July 7, 2020. A negative PCR report prior 96 hours is mandatory. Bookings for flights from India started in August last year.

UK: The country is not open for international travel at the moment, it may resume from May onwards. The UK had opened its borders from June 2020.

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USA: Passengers coming from Europe, UK, Brazil, China and Iran are not allowed in the country at the moment. It is mandatory for all the citizens to carry their negative COVID-19 PCR report, even for residents who are returning home.

Zimbabwe: It is open for tourists since October 1, 2020. Tourists must carry their negative PCR report taken within 48 hours.

Check out the dates for countries reopening for tourism:

Albania – July 1

Andorra – July 1

Anguilla – August 21

Antigua and Barbuda – June 4

Armenia – August 12

Aruba – July 1

Austria – June 16

Bahamas – July 1

Bali (Indonesia) – September 1

Barbados – July 12

Belarus – July 15

Belize – August 15

Belgium – June 15

Bermuda – July 1

Bosnia and Herzegovina – July 16

Brazil – July 30

Bulgaria – June 1

Cayman Islands – October 1

Colombia – Sept 21

Costa Rica – August 1

Croatia – June 1

Cuba – July 1

Curaçao – July 1

Cyprus – June 1

Czech Republic – June 15

Dominica – August 7

Dominican Republic – July 1

Egypt – July 1

Estonia – June 1

Finland – July 15

France – June 15

French Polynesia – July 15

Georgia – July 31

Germany – June 15

Ghana – September 1

Greece – June 15

Grenada – July 15

Guadeloupe – July 1

Guatemala – Sept 18

Haiti – July 1

Honduras – August 16

Iceland – June 15

Ireland – July 21

Italy – June 3

Jamaica – June 15

Jordan – September 8

Kenya – August 1

Kosovo – June 28

Latvia – July 1

Lebanon – July 1

Luxembourg – July 1

Maldives – July 15

Malta – July 1

Mexico – June 8

Montenegro – June 1

Netherlands – June 15

Nepal – September 1

Nicaragua – October 1

Nigeria – September 5

North Macedonia – July 1

Panama – Oct 12

Pakistan – Oct 5

Poland – June 13

Portugal – June 15

Romania – July 7

Russia – July 15

Rwanda – June 17

Serbia – May 22

Seychelles – June 1

Slovenia – July 17

Spain – June 21

Sri Lanka- postponed

St. Barths – June 22

St. Kitts and Nevis – October

St. Lucia – June 4

St. Maarten – July 1

St. Vincent and The Grenadines – July 1

Sweden – June 1

Switzerland – June 15

Tanzania – June 1

Thailand – August 1

Tunisia – June 27

Turkey – June 10

Turks and Caicos – July 22

UAE (Dubai) – July 7

Uganda – October 1

Ukraine – June 15

U.S. Virgin Islands – June 1

Zambia – July

Zimbabwe – October 1


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Oaww it's really interesting I know about beautiful countries list but do not need a visa to travel in the world 2021 Link: assignmentcookcom/which-countries-do-not-need-a-visa-to-travel-in-the-world-2021/
Zinnia khan April 10 , 2021

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