How to Rent a Private Island in China for $535 a Year

How to Rent a Private Island in China for $535 a Year
Liaoning province has more than 500 uninhabited islands, Photo Credit:

There are over 500 uninhabited islands in the Liaoning province that are available for rent at prices ranging from $535 to $3.6 million a year

OT Staff
August 31 , 2020
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Ever dreamt of escaping to your very own remote paradise island, but got scared off by the hefty price-tags? Well, now is your chance.

China is renting out hundreds of islands and the rent is affordable, kind of. The price starts from $535 a year for about 2.5 acres.


China's north-eastern Liaoning province has more than 500 uninhabited islands owned by the government. The Liaoning Finance and Natural Resources departments had issued a statement in July, listing "usage fees" for the islands which are currently leasable by individuals. Only 44 of Liaoning province's islands are inhabited.

The renting cost of these islands range from the cheapest option, as low as $535, to one as high as $3.6 million, per 2.5 acres per year. The pricing structure follows a six-tier scale based on development plans, the presence of marine wildlife, environmental concerns, and beaches. Some of these islands are located along the Yalu River, which forms the border with North Korea.

However, before you grab building supplies and set off, keep in mind that anyone leasing an island will have to present detailed plans to the government and ensure projects don't require land reclamation or other complicated approaches.

Such measures are standardised by the Chinese government to protect the environment in the area. Only projects that fall under nine approved categories including tourism, agriculture, fishing, and urban development will be allowed here. The decision follows as China has garnered international scrutiny in recent years for wreaking havoc on marine habitats by dredging up land to build artificial islands.

Several islands in the region are currently being used for tourism and most popular of them are known for their manicured gardens and rocky beaches. These are islands with potential for development projects, which will also destroy the natural habitats and environment. It's a tough call. 

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